How could I back to the sky if I lost my wings and forget how to fly?

Once upon a time,
when the moonlight danced at my window
I asked God to give a precious life for me
And when I woke up in the morning,
I found that wings
It’s the most beautiful wings I’ve ever seen
So soft with its light blue color, sparkled in the sunlight
I was so amazed with this miracle
I flew to the highest place
Above the sky, rainbow, clouds and stars
Danced in the rain,  played with storm, laughed with sun
I thought this is my precious life
I forgot back to the earth

And then…
My wings disappeared and I fell to the earth
Back to the real world
Confused, why God took his gift
Disappointed, lost my faith
Angry, run from reality
Sad, almost give up in this misery

How could I back to the sky?
I lost my wings
I forget how to fly

I cry

I remember what I’d asked to God
I asked for a precious life

And I realize
It’s not about that wings
It’s not about how much I love flying in the sky
It’s not about how high I have flown

It’s about sincerity
How I accept my destiny without complain

It’s about faith
Believe God always has a better plan

It’s about fighting
Stand up and get my future

It’s about learning
Make the mistakes as the best teacher

It’s about never give up,
Face the truth and it will guide you, find your way

And this is my precious life…
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